Let Artificial Intelligence transform your PHOTOs

into amazing "works of Art"

and then print them out on an item you choose

Using Artificial Intelligence,

our "clever" ChatBot can help you

discover your "hidden favourite Painter",

over a wide range of top Painters

(some of them, are Greek)

Using advanced "Artificial Neural Networks" we process the photos that you send to us, and transform them into "works of Art" that highly resemble the style

of your prefered Painter.

Finally, we print your transformed "works of Art" onto items that you can purchase from our eshop, and we have those items delivered directly to your home address.

People Dancing at Concert

For us, Art is trully valuable

and we believe that everyone should have access to it.


This is our mission:

to bring everyone of our customers, in touch

with the Painter "hidden" deep inside his soul !