How do I Order?

Visit our e-shop and purchase the Items onto which you want us to print your transformed Photos. You can choose between mugs, t-shirts, cell phone cases and many other wonderful items. Then, you either chat with our Chatbot in order to send us the Photos and the Painters in the style of which you want your Photos to be transformed into "works of art" (with the help of Artificial Intelligence) for each Item, or choose one of the ready-made works of art found on our "Works of ART" website page. When the process of transforming your Photos has been completed, we will inform you by email in order to obtain your final approval. Next, we will print your final transformed Photos onto the Items you have selected, and you will receive the wonderful final products at your designated address via courier or mail provider.

How do I choose a Product (Item)?

You will find our e-shop at our Home page, with the different categories of Products (Items) onto which we can print your transformed Photos. By clicking on a certain category, you will see all the separate Products. Click on the one you prefer, read the detailed specs, and complete your purchase.

Can I purchase more than one Products, which my Photos should be printed on?

Yes, in our e-shop you can add as many different Products as you like to your shopping cart, and you can select a different Photo to be printed onto each one of them.

Do I pay for the printed Product before or after I see the processed Photo?

You first need to purchase a Product and make the payment from our e-shop prior to us initiating the Photo processing (that will transform your Photo into a "work of art"). However, if, for any technical reasons, the transformed Photo does not meet our own quality standards, we shall email you with alternative transformed "works of art", based on your Photo (possibly selecting different Painters). If those new "works of art" are not approved by you, then we shall refund your payment.

How do I upload my Photos?

When you press the button "Send us your PHOTOs" you will chat with our Chatbot, which will direct you, step by step, on how to select and upload the Photos you like, and the Painters in the style of which you want your Photos to be transformed into a "work of art" (with the help of Artificial Intelligence).

Can I upload multiple Photos at the same time?

Yes, you can either upload all the Photos (one after the other) via the Chatbot, or you can send us the Photos via email (be careful to use the SAME email address that you used when you purchased the Products from our e-shop).

How can I pay?

By selecting PayPal as the payment method, you are automatically transferred to the PayPal payment environment, in order to make the payment and finalize your order. PayPal is a worldwide accepted facilitator for secure online payments, regarding online transactions. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can either make the payment directly from the PayPal environment (in some countries, PayPal may not allow this option) using your debit/credit card, or you can create a PayPal account and then carry out the payment.

Will I have to pay for shipping costs?

No you will not. Free shipping is included in all our Products.

How can I monitor the Photo transformation and Product delivery processes?

We will be sending regular emails to you regarding the status of your order: photo transformation and product shipping. You can also enquire our Customer Care team anytime you like, via email.

When will I receive the items I ordered?

You will receive your order on average within 6 and 15 working days. We will be keeping you informed about your order's shipment process. In case of general transport delays, we will inform you about the new schedules. Please note that we do NOT control the process of shipping the order to the final customer's designated address. This is done through the international Printful print on demand service that we employ. Printful is responsible for the final creation of the end product (with your transformed Photo emprinted on it) as well as its shipment to your designated address

What if the final Product is defective or I am not satisfied with the end result?

You will need to inform our Customer Care, via email. You should explain the problem, and you may also need to send us some relevant photos to accurately pinpoint the defect. If the problem is due to our mishandling of your order, we will either replace the defective item (free of charge) or refund the payment to you.

Can I return a Product?

Since each Product is unique, because it has the photo of the customer's choice emprinted on it, we are unable to accept returns of non-defective Products.

Can I modify or cancel my Order?

Yes you can: when we request (by email) the final approval of your transformed Photo (into a "work of art") you can reply to us with a "request for Order modification or cancellation". However, once your final approval is sent to us, we are unable to accept any Order modifications or cancellation.

Is there a warranty for your Products?

Yes. The warranties that Printful offers to us, are transfered 100% to our customers (please see our Terms & Conditions)

Are my personal details protected?

Yes. Please read the exact Data Protection terms on our website.

What if my order is lost during delivery?

You would need to send us an email informing us about the "non-delivered" status of the items, up to 15 days after the estimated time of arrival, so that we can investigate the incident and track the delivery process. Don't worry, we will cover the costs of resending you a replacement order for confirmed non-delivered items. However, if the tracking information that we receive from the courier firmly confirms that the order was delivered to your designated address, then we are unable to send replacement items, and we shall share the tracking information with you so that you can track the items on your side.

What if the items I order become damaged during shipping?

Please send us, by email, a photo of the defective or damaged items that you received, and we will happily arrange for replacements, free of charge.

What happens if an order has not been received by the customer, but the shipment tracking indicates that it has.

If the package was marked as "delivered" by the postal or courier service, but you have not received it yet, we are unable to cover the shipping or refund costs for the order. There may be times when the delivery actually took place, but the package was left at an unexpected location at your designated address. In this case you should contact the courier and ask if there is any additional information reported from the recipient's end, for example: "Left item under the table on the back porch." If, in the end, you are unable to locate the delivered package, you will need to place a new order.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs